The proper way to address Me is “Mistress” or “Ma’am”

 The proper way to address Me is “Mistress” or “Ma’am”

As a graceful, cream-filled multi-racial Southern belle with a luscious accent to match, your financial penance is owed for My classy ladylike superiority – superiority literally comes at a price.

Lurk all you want and pay your tribute from afar. You’ll wanna hear My syrupy voice. I don’t accept gifts, just tributes…it’s not so traceable by your wife, i.e. I will not pay for your indiscretions and careless paper trails.

Need advice? I’m here for you – share your secrets and confessions with Me…be My pet.

~I welcome all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual preferences~

**LOVE SOME MEN IN UNIFORM** Calling all cops, fireman and military…

Call Button


Fetishes I can help you with:


* breast worship

* clown/mime/makeup/body paint

* creampies

* cuckoldry

* facials

* feet/leg/panty/pantyhose

* female superiority

* financial domination

* hair

* role playing: military/vets/warriors, historic, interracial, professions, housewife scenarios, GFE (girlfriend/wife experience)

* rollerskating

Vanilla calls welcome!




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