Why I Like AdultFriendFinder.com

I started as a “member” of AdultFriendFinder in 2008 – I used it simultaneously with other “clean” dating sites. I wanted to know if men on regular dating sites were REALLY looking for long walks on the beach, romantic endeavors…and I busted a few balls along the way.

I’m all about adults being adults. I’m all about people being sexually fulfilled. I’m all about people finding a partner to enjoy their mutual “kinks” and “fetishes”. I’m one of the least judgmental people out there. I actually left the “clean” dating sites and I went full steam ahead on AFF. I’ve met some wonderful men, and no, I didn’t have sex with all of them.

There are some SERIOUSLY HOT MEN out there!! It’s a woman’s playground!! I wish more women would join – it would take the heat off chicks like me!!

About 200 men a day look at my profile…it’s incredible, the numbers.

NOTE TO WOMEN – If you ever join, even as a free member, do yourself a favor and NEVER post a face pic. ONLY post parts of your body. You can always leave your face out of a full body pic, and you should do the whole “ConfirmID” and “Verified” thing. You actually get bonus points in their system if you do both of those things. Getting validated on AFF is a good idea because your potential partners can see that you’re the real deal – something that most men on there do not believe exists! There are far more men than women, so being a verified woman makes you GOLDEN! And, for your safety, I’d find partners who are also validated.

Speaking of which, AFF management was so cool that, seeing that I was getting a LOT of attention as a Standard Member, they gave me a GOLD membership for weeks, and then extended it for another 2 weeks! YESSSS! They know how few women are on there, so they treasure the solid ones who get a lot of attention. Great marketing for them, and it gives me the ability to read everyone’s profile….critical since you need to get the deets.

ANYWAY, phone sex operator or not, I’m full in on AFF – I highly recommended it. If you’re more into specific kinks and fetishes, join their sister site ALT.COM for the BDSM community’s most popular sex/dating site.

No, I’m not a paid endorser, but I do have actual experiential knowledge of the site, and if you have questions before you take the plunge, please contact me at IDUYU@YAHOO.COM…

Cheers, and go get sexy!



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