Freshly Pressed – “About Me” Page!

OK, I should’ve remembered to do this when I first started the blog, but I was so caught up getting my dang Niteflirt profile pages set up that I neglected a very important page – ABOUT ME!!



SMA_NF_BANNER_TEMPLATEI’m a phone sex operator on – the hottest and most satisfying PHONE SEX site on the web today! Sure, it’s mostly an American site, but callers from all over the world are welcome!

CALL ME and let me satisfy your curiosity and your urges 😀

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Southern belle with a luscious accent to match…

Curvalicious Southern Woman For Boob Lovers – 38G!

Tell Me your fantasies about My big tits, or talk to Me about how you love to tittyfuçk…

Tell Me about your desire for a fleshy, curvy woman – let Me help you get off!

Are you a dirty slut and need to be told? Have you been naughty and need to confess your panty addiction? Do you have a submissive boy cock you need Me to subdue? My huge tits would love to tell you what to do!

I especially love international callers – do you know that Americans consider a Southern accent the sexiest? Call Me and experience why…

Non-judgmental ~ I welcome all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual preferences~


Vanilla calls welcome!


Let me sweet talk you through to cum-pletion!


MMMMMMmmmmm boobies!




Call Button





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