Everybody Wants To Do The Horizontal Bop!

YES!! Hadn’t heard this song in years, and leave it to a cool YouTuber to put the lyrics up!



“Growing number of male athletes drink human breast milk”






The Cut recently profiled an athlete in peak condition that turned to a special formula for keeping his stamina up. While new energy drinks and exercise tips are always coming around, this one is raising a few eyebrows. The miracle drink is breast milk, favored by what seems to be a burgeoning number of men.

Athletes are just one segment of breast milk’s new customer base. According to the Washington Post, one man used it to ease nausea related to chemotherapy and another found it to be an immune booster. Of course, there are those that just enjoy breast milk because of a fetish. Freudian concerns aside, human breast milk does contain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates plus cells called leukocytes, which help fight infection.

LobsterTube – A Hub For Just About Any Kink or Fetish…

My boyfriend introduced me to this site because it has milky lactation porn…mmm, kinky! Can’t talk about that on NiteFlirt, but I think it’s hot 😛

LobsterTube is a central porn hub (not to be confused with the site PornHub.com) where you can find almost every fetish category. I don’t think the videos themselves are hosted here, but the variety is great. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just intrigued…

Here, have some sexy footjob porn!