Bi Curious In South Carolina…

A very sexy sounding Middle Eastern caller surprised me this week – a bi-curious man who hasn’t actually physically sexed on another man yet!

These stories are quite common actually; a man calls one of the Flirts to find out what our thoughts are on his desires. Men have no idea how normal they are, despite many feeling ashamed. I happen to be hetero, but hey, that’s just one variation on the theme, no judgment there. Bi-curious people are everywhere, and they don’t always take their desires into the physical realm – often, it’s over the phone.

I might suggest that anyone bi-curious start by looking at lots of same-sex porn to see WHY and HOW they’re turned on. If they’re afraid to talk to friends or family about it, as is commonly the case, I suggest calling Niteflirt – seriously. I’m not trying to promote here, but phone sex operators have heard just about everything, so you’re not going to get shock and judgment, no criticism, and no tears. We can tell you what we know, things to think about before taking the dive, answers to pressing questions, and ways to stimulate the mind and body. We’ve got you covered.

I’ll admit I’m intrigued when a man with an average-sized penis wants to see a larger-sized penis perform, whether it be by masturbation, mutual masturbation, frotting, oral sex, penetrative sex…it’s kinda outside my understanding, but I get it! I love seeing a big cock in action…ain’t no shame in that game.


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