Drivin’ & Jackin’

I’ve read about Flirts having trouble on some phone calls – NiteFlirt’s phone routing system could really stand an overhaul, it sounds like! I’ve had a couple dropped calls, but I put in trouble tickets, so I did what I could. Overall, I have very few problems. I must be very fortunate!

Except for…I had the misfortune of spending 17 hours driving in the car earlier this week (5 hours longer, due to traffic), but I was logged into Niteflirt for part of the trip, and I got 3 calls while on the road, stuck in traffic on I-95. Kinda surreal to be in bumper-to-bumper traffic giving masturbation instructions! I have to admit, I loved giving good phone from the car because I feel isolated, as though no one can hear me!!

Drivin’ your cock,



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