Lactation Induction Herbs – Fenugreek is my recommendation

Hey Kinky Fuckers!

If you’re reading this page, you’re a fan of lactation and booby milk, so let’s talk…

As a woman, I was looking for a remedy to cleanse and purify myself, short of skippy-dipping in Lake Minnetonka. So, I started Googling herbs to cleanse that you could take without a major colonic volcano! Lo and behold, I found that parsley and chlorella were part of the solution. In addition, I read that fenugreek induces lactation, AND it makes your breath and other body emanations smell sweet like maple syrup, so I tried it!

Ladies, ladies…you have to be careful never to take too much of anything, but I can confirm that if you take fenugreek, your vagina, your breath, your skin, your armpits, your palms, your feet…EVERYTHING smells better!! OMG, it’s really a treat!! That said, you can start to get fuller breasts just because it’s a lactation inducer, so you can use fenugreek for any or all of the above!!!

MILK – it’s does a body good 😀


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