Before You Call Me On Niteflirt…A Checklist

Hey dudes…

I LOVE it when you guys call, but I want you to help us both – PLEASE have the following in mind before you call – it makes the experience better for all involved:


    • KNOW what you want to talk about: do you want to talk or jack off? I’m open to either/both, but let me know as soon as we introduce ourselves – I love to know the expectations ahead of time.


    • If you have a long drawn-out scenario of a fantasy, by all means, type it out and email it to me ahead of time – this might make things very easy…you know, flesh out the details. Then, we can get right into the call. Feel free to do this EVERY time before you call – I don’t mind!!


    • What are your “trigger words” – what words escalate your passion? Which words actually make you cum?? TELL ME!!


    • I don’t mind if you change gears or make suggestions – I want you to have a GREAT time, and if we need to re-direct, please be open and do so. I love to learn what turns you on!




Much lust and laughter,


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