For those of you who don’t know, I work in high-end retail…sounds dirty, doesn’t it?

I will confess that I’m frequently in the “top 10” as a salesperson in my store, for which I am very thankful.

Because I had a GREAT sales day on Friday, I was entered into a store-wide drawing to win a $75 gift certificate within my store, and I won!!!! YAY, NEW BRAS!!!!

And…a co-worker of mine hooked me up Saturday with an extra $500+ in sales because she just “felt like it”!! WHAH? YAY!!!!

As a further bonus, the customer who bought so much from me Friday came in to visit Saturday with her 90 year old mother, and she gave me a present – a copy of the book she authored, and it was personally signed. She cried when she read her written tribute to me on the title page; we cried together and hugged. Days like that, I’m so happy I’m in the “people” business, because I truly do care if customers are happy, and their happiness means a lot to me personally and professionally. I shared this with my store manager (who teared up reading the tribute), and she and my manager high-fived me for a job well done. I’m humbled. And blessed.

Sincerely, I have this feeling for my Niteflirt callers – I want the utmost pleasure and happiness for you, too 🙂 Tributes are like a monetary “high-fives” or a tip for a job well done. Consider it received with respect and heartfelt gratitude!!!

Southern Mistress Alex




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