Leggings are magical – Imgur

Leggings are magical – Imgur

GUILTY AS CHARGED…I’m an inadvertent participant of the “Ass Illuminati“!

I’m a firm supporter (pardon the pun!) of wearing leggings, especially the compression kind that greatly help those of us who work all day on our feet standing/walking. My legs and feet throb if I don’t wear any kind of hose or Spanx-type of garment. And the medical kind aren’t sexy!

The deal is, where I work, most of us wear leggings because we sell them, and when I personally do, I wear a long tunic over them because I prefer discretion. No ass showing – I don’t show off my stuff!

That said, I’m not a fan of yoga pants because the women that wear them usually do so to flaunt the ass they ain’t got (read: flat, sagging pancake ass)…

Leggings are magical. - Imgur


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