No, We Can’t Meet Off The Phone…

Guys, guys, guys…

I’m always asked if you can meet me in person – the answer is “no”…

  • I’m not on Niteflirt for real life hookups, dating, or marriage
  • I don’t “need a man”
  • I have no desire to meet my callers because in our day and time, stalkers are a real thing.
  • Not that you’re a stalker, but you must know, I do phone work because of the anonymity/privacy.
  • I need some extra income. This phone work literally provides some financial security. I don’t need to meet men in person to get financial security – I find it counter-intuitive.
  • There are some Niteflirt ladies who are “lifestyle” Dommes that you can meet in real life – I’m not one. I will not meet you to fulfill your needs.
  • I do not accept money in exchange for meeting people in person. No exceptions.
  • Do not ask personal questions about where I live – too invasive.

Basically…get back to what you’re supposed to be doing on the phone – GETTING OFF!!! LOLOLOLOLOL



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