Adam’s antics: A portrait in pop perversion | drmarkgriffiths [Adam Ant]

Today’s blog is based on an updated version of an article that I originally published in a 1999 issue of Headpress (The Journal of Sex, Death and Religion). I have been a fan of Adam Ant and …

Source: Adam’s antics: A portrait in pop perversion | drmarkgriffiths


“Openwork” Socks @ Sock Dreams [SFW Fetish]

Openwork – Sock Dreams

I was first introduced to this website about 13 years ago – my female manager at the time was fascinated with all these socks, and I’d wondered if her husband had a sock fetish…she’d email him a bunch of pics…uh huh, I knew what was up!

Check out the entire sock stock…a must for all with sock fetishes…(“openwork” are my favorite!)…


Socks By Leg Coverage

▶ Goldfrapp – Train [NSFW]

▶ Goldfrapp – Train – YouTube

GOLDFRAPP – this is a band that has some wildly erotic edge to them – the song “Train” is the first song I ever heard of theirs (thanks, Pandora Radio!), and I was hooked. Some ditties of theirs have been used in commercials, yet they’re not commercial. I don’t want to relegate them to “Stripper Music”, but their songs are hooky, melodic, and have driving beats that are just plain sexy. I hope you like them I do…