Adultfriendfinder Has Been Hacked, Exposing Personal Data and Sexual Preferences | Playboy

Adultfriendfinder Has Been Hacked, Exposing Personal Data and Sexual Preferences | Playboy

The FriendFinder-owned company is hot and steaming, and not in a good way – user info has been hacked and published. While I’m pissed at the piece of shit who did hacked it, it’s worse that the company didn’t do their job by securing user data.

You’ve seriously fucked up. Really, of all the adult community websites out there for hooking up and camming, this site is extremely popular, making this all the more unbelievable – this site is so flimsy when it’s clearly XXX-rated, and you allowed hackers in. ALLOWED. Any site like has had years to shore up its security and should be locked down tight, and should be one of the most sophisticated out there. And now this inexcusable embarrassment has yet to be fixed – months, as of this writing. Yes, they’ve know about the hack for over 2 months. Lawsuit?

A network security setup has to allow hackers if it’s set up incorrectly – don’t play me for a fool, fuckers, I know how IT systems work. It’s merely a maze of flimsy gates that just need bending to get around, and once they’re pushed ever so slightly forward, they allow entrance into the next set of gates…and then the next. Worse yet, AdultFriendFinder’s user interface is so old school that their “personal information” areas that are supposed to allow to delete your information DO NOT LET YOU DELETE INFORMATION!!

I’m sure the hacker(s) are applauding themselves, but really, the tech on the site isn’t entirely sophisticated, so it’s not so difficult to mine. What can victims expect? Virused and spam emails, and eventually their personal info published, I guess. Then blackmailing – presuming the mostly male userbase.

Are you a victim? Check out this site to see if your email address has been associated with this, or any other hack.